Headshots and Corporate Portraits | Jordan Hauser Digital

Update your headshots & Corporate Portraits... it's worth the investment!

Here's a few of my favorites that i've shot 

Having professional portraits as your profile photos makes you look like the person that a company or client wants to work with... ever hear of the old "act as if" line?  Or the "dress for success" one?  

These days, the first thing employers are seeing of you isn't the totally awesome outfit that you invested in, meticulously ironed, and color coordinated for your interview... it's the facebook photo of you with a beer bong in your mouth.  While some employers may be impressed with your ability to guzzle down 3 cans of Natty Light in one gulp, most of the corporate world sees that as a liability.  Let's just be honest.

This isn't true for everyone!

A tattoo parlor isn't going to hold someone to the same standard as a super "corporate-y"  type insurance company... But, it's still your first "handshake & hello" to these people.  ( for instance.. the 2nd picture above, he owns a gym... so a gritty background and a t-shirt works perfectly for him.)

Let them see what you look like, what you're involved in, what your interests are, what kind of dog you have.... all of the things that tell someone what kind of person you are!

- End Scene -  ;)