Jordan Hauser Digital has moved!!!

Moving tends to suck... this time was rad!

I have decided to move Jordan Hauser Digital from my previous web hosting source to Squarespace & Pixieset!


Two very awesome platforms that work together!  And I'm using both for a good reason.  With Squarespace things have really cleaned up… I feel like it's all about simplicity and showcasing my portfolio. While Pixieset is used for proofing and client needs.  Pixieset also allows my clients (you) to get more involved with your project from the comfort of your own home.  No more lugging my computer over to your house so you choose your favorite pictures… you do it on your own time, from wherever you want… without me :)  Very cool.

This transition has been very insightful and has ultimately made me step back and think a lot about what exactly I'm doing with my business and what I want to be known for. 

One thing that I realized is that I was trying to offer way too much... the whole "Jack of all tradesmaster of nonekept on ringing in my head as I was sifting through the metric ton of photos and videos.  So, I have decided to pair down to Weddings & Portraits. Period. These are the things that I love shooting the most, so that's what i'll be focusing on!  

Of course "portraits" is a pretty broad term… but for good reason though.  I will be doing headshots of all kinds, senior photos, and Family portraits!  

Stay tuned and be on the look out for the holiday mini-sessions that I will be offering (at a total steal) coming soon!