BTS of the Headshot mini-sessions | Jordan Hauser Digital

Behind the scenes of the Headshot mini-sessions on Nov. 15th!

I was fortunate to partner up with Julie Marckisotto of Pittsburgh Makeup ( for such a cool event!  

We would both love to offer these sessions more regularly.  Take a look at your current LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, website, business cards... etc. and decide if you would benefit from updating your photos for an incredibly affordable price. We think so. After all, if you want to be a successful business professional, you should definitely look like one!

As far as the photos go, they turned out awesome!  It was a super easy setup that yielded some pretty great results.  Just goes to show you that you don't have to get super-fancy to produce some seriously awesome images. 

Julie and I were lucky enough to meet & work with this lovely lady, her name is Paula.  She works in real estate and wanted to update her headshots for a fresh new look!  Thanks Paula!!